Oscars 2016: 10 Potential Shocking Upsets

If Sam Smith wins, we riot.

On 28th February, the 88th Academy Awards will take place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood after yet more controversy over the nominations and a troubling lack of diversity. Chris Rock will host (hopefully better than Neil Patrick Harris) with Ricky Gervais' dare to "do some serious damage", over-the-top musical numbers will fill your ears, and the winners and losers of this year€™s Oscars race will be announced. As always, there are bound to be a few upsets. There can only be one winner in each category, and last year€™s romping technical awards success for The Grand Budapest Hotel proved yet again that it€™s very easy for one film to run off with loads of them and leave little for the rest. Somewhat unthinkably, your favourite film/actor/director could easily leave empty-handed, while something or someone that you thought was rubbish could take home a golden statue. That's just part of the Oscar culture. Here are ten scary possibilities€

10. Carol Doesn€™t Win Anything

Todd Haynes€™ sumptuous cinematic love story about a blossoming 1950s female romance failed to get a Best Picture or Best Director nod. Although it did get nominations for its writing, cinematography, costume design, score and brilliant central performances, these snubs in the most prestigious categories suggest that the Academy likes Carol, but it€™s not their favourite. They€™re allowed to nominate ten Best Pictures if they see fit, but they only announced eight and deliberately left Carol out. Could it be that they€™ll show the same disinterest in the film when it comes to picking the winners? It would certainly feel like a kick in the teeth if Cate Blanchett (Best Leading Actress) and Rooney Mara (Best Supporting Actress) both lost. Admittedly, even if that double shock happened there would still be hope for Carol in the technical awards, but it seems likely that The Revenant and Mad Max will share the spoils there. Ennio Morricone has to win for score, too, and there€™s also tough competition in the adapted screenplay category. If the stars don€™t align for Haynes, then, his film could go home empty handed.

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