Oscars 2018: 10 Movies That Could Win Best Picture Next Year

9. Darkest Hour

Dunkirk Movie 2017
Working Title Films

The Film

Set during World War II, Darkest Hour will see Prime Minister Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) face a crucial moment in the battle against Adolf Hitler's Germany.

The Darkest Hour was the phrase coined by Churchill to define the period when the British Empire stood alone against Nazi Germany, between the fall of France in 1940 and the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. The late John Hurt will play Neville Chamberlain, in his final movie, with Ben Mendelsohn as King George VI, Lily James as Elizabeth Nel, and Kristen Scott Thomas as Clemtine Churchill. Joe Wright is on to direct, with a script from Anthony McCarten.

Why It Could Win

Although Pan was, er, panned, Wright has good form with the Oscars when he's in a period drama, with Pride & Prejudice, Atonement, and Anna Karenina all getting at least some love. McCarten has previous too, receiving a screenplay nod for The Theory of Everything.

The story should definitely hit the right notes too, being that it's a) about such a major figure as Churchill, and b) set during WWII. Both of those things are likely to play well with voters, and indeed the era should make for a compelling tale. Add in the stacked cast - Gary Oldman's almost certainly getting a Best Actor nomination for his transformative role as the PM - and the detailed production and costume design, and everything's there for a real contender.


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