Oscars 2018: 11 Blockbuster Movies That Deserve Best Picture Consideration

Logan deserves all the gold.

Logan Oscar

The 90th Academy Awards ceremony is fast approaching, and though the die seems very much cast for most of Oscar season's Best Picture hopefuls, there's always room for a surprise or two to sneak their way into the roster of 10-ish films vying for the big gold statue.

It goes without saying that the Oscars typically rewards smaller, simpler movies more reflective of reality over heightened, big-budget blockbusters, and only rarely do large-scale films find much success at the Academy Awards.

However, it doesn't always need to be that way, and as the herd of crusty old white men voting for the Oscars starts to get thinned out, the floor might open up for some more exciting and adventurous choices for Best Picture.

These 11 movies from 2017 are all big-budget blockbusters which fared well with critics and audiences, though for the most part they're going to struggle to score much love from the Academy beyond the crafts categories such as Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Editing and so on.

If more than one of them ends up on the final Best Picture ballot next week, it'd be a huge surprise, especially with Lady Bird, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Shape of Water, Call Me by Your Name and The Post pretty much already confirmed to be taking up slots.

Sure, everyone's got their own criteria for what qualifies as "Oscar-worthy", a somewhat superficial term that doesn't necessarily equate to much, but it's fair to say that any one of these movies would sit comfortably alongside the aforementioned picks if voters were just a little more open-minded...


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