Oscars 2018: 16 WTF Moments

The good, the bad and the insane.

Oscars 2018 Guillermo Del Toro

The 90th Academy Awards may not have been an especially standout year for the show in terms of shock winners (one exception aside), but it made good on previous Academy promises to deliver a more diverse slate of nominees and victors, and also brought just enough weirdness to the table to satisfy.

We've already detailed the show's best and worst moments, but let's face it: the most entertaining aspect of any awards show is watching the (often drunk) celebrities as you've never seen them before.

That's to say nothing of the inevitably awkward, wonderfully cringe-worthy moments that abound, those presenters who take it upon themselves to go off-script, and every deliriously weird happening in-between.

From the hilarious to the controversial, embarrassing and straight-up shocking, these are the 16 moments everyone's been talking about since the show ended, for better and for worse.

Some will remain talking points until next year's show, while others will be forgotten in a week. Each, however, had millions of viewers raising their eyebrows and wondering what, exactly, they were watching...


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