Oscars 2018: 9 Ups & 8 Downs

Oscar winner, Jordan Peele. Believe it.

guillermo del toro oscar

The biggest night of the movie calendar is done for another year! The 90th annual Academy Awards arrived amid a call for greater inclusion in Hollywood and a desire to foreground the recent progress made by the #MeToo campaign, and largely succeeded on both counts.

Though there wasn't much in the way of huge surprises, it was still refreshing to see the Academy making more progressive awards choices, even if there's undeniably plenty of work to be done.

There was perhaps just one legitimate surprise win, but several long-overdue artists finally got their gold statues, and above all else, a movie about a romance between a woman and a fish creature won Best Picture, firmly opposed to the Academy's stereotypical preference for dry, dusty dramas and sweeping epics.

It wasn't a perfect show by any means and there are still plenty of kinks to be worked out format-wise, but at least they didn't announce the wrong Best Picture winner this year... right?


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