Oscars 2018 Nominations: 18 Shocks & Snubs

Oscar nominee The Boss Baby, folks.

The Boss Baby Oscar
DreamWorks & AMPAS

This year's Academy Award nominations are out, and as usual, film buffs are busy singing the praises of their favourite movies that were recognised, while foaming at the mouth at those "instant classics" that were snubbed by the backwards-thinking Academy voters.

With a greater sense of diversity among its nominees, the 90th Academy Awards was certainly a step in the right direction even if there's still plenty to be done, considering the number of stereotypical "Oscar bait" movies that fared better than they probably should have.

Still, the horror, sci-fi fantasy and superhero genres were given better-than-expected representation in the nominations list, and regardless of who ends up winning, it's great to see the Academy not just settling for the same stuffy, boring movies starring middle-aged white people all the time.

There were shock nominations and depressing omissions sure to result in elation and outrage in near-equal measure, but on the whole, it wasn't a bad showing from the Academy at all. And now comes the agonising five-week wait for the March 4th ceremony...


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