Oscars 2020: 15 WTF Moments

Well, that happened.

Oscars 2020 Cats

As much as the Academy Awards are an annual opportunity to reward some of the very greatest achievements in the year of film, for many viewers they're also a ripe chance to soak in thermonuclear levels of cringe and bask in the outright insanity of the Hollywood awards circus.

From drunk A-listers making fools of themselves on stage to painfully misguided opening musical skits, horrible attempts at comic relief, shock awards wins, and everything else in-between, the Oscars is a reliable repository of WTF moments year-in and year-out.

Even with this year being an uncommonly satisfying Oscars telecast for the most part, that didn't stop the weirdness from leaking out, whether the result of amusing celebrity pairings, awkward slips of the tongue, or crowd reaction shots that went immediately viral.

Without hilarious and embarrassing oddball moments such as these, Oscar ceremonies sure would be a hell of a lot less interesting, that's for sure...

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