OWF Exclusive Trailer: LOVE LIFE starring Carice Van Houten

Yellow Knife Releasing have sent OWF the exclusive, official first look at the trailer for €˜Love Life€™ (aka €˜A Woman Goes to the Doctor€™), a Dutch language romantic drama that took the Dutch box office by storm this year (grossing over $13 million) and is released in the UK December 3rd. Based on the best-selling 2003 novel which has been translated into 26 languages, 'Love Life' stars the wonderful Carice Van Houten ('Valkyrie', 'Black Book'), in a heartbreaking and emotional drama that at it's core is an exploration of how the diagnosis of cancer shakes up an already rocky marriage - asking deep questions such as what the true nature of love means in the modern day world, or as director Reinout Oerlemans puts it "looking the devil in the eye forces one to recognize the love". Watch the OWF exclusive trailer below, and watch out for a special mention by us; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45eeMa_kWSY OWF'S Adam Rayner saw the movie a few weeks back and called it;
"a visually dazzling gem of a film... that is easily one of the most cinematic films to come out of the country and Europe for some years. At the very heart of the movie is Carice€™s performance. She goes from a fun-loving, sexually-free woman, to a tough workaholic, to a frail, week and vulnerable woman, angry at herself, her husband and life in general. It€™s an extremely versatile performance, but also a harrowingly truthful one".
You may notice our endorsement during the trailer itself! 'Love Life' is currently scheduled for a limited cinematic release later this year. I urge you to see it.
Stijn loves life and life loves him. He€™s got his own business, a wonderful daughter and Carmen, his beautiful wife. There€™s no need for her to know that he occasionally enjoys the pleasures of other women. His heart belongs to Carmen, and that€™s all that matters. Their idyllic world is shattered when Carmen goes to the doctor and hears the diagnosis every woman dreads. Life falls apart and they embark on a roller-coaster ride for survival. Though supportive at first, Stijn soon escapes from the new harsh reality into the arms of the sexy, care-free Rose. As Carmen is bravely going through treatment, Stijn will learn what it really means to love.
Based on the best-selling novel which was translated into 26 languages, LOVE LIFE (A Woman Goes to the Doctor) enjoyed huge domestic market success with a gross of over $13 million at the box office. Produced by Oscar® winning producer Hans de Weer (Antonia€™s Line) the movie stars internationally acclaimed Carice van Houten (Paul Verhoeven€™s Black Book, Tom Cuise/Bryan Singer€™s Valkyrie and Repo Man).

UK RELEASE DATE: 3rd December 2010

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