For anyone who missed it, here€™s the skinny. Basically, what I€™m presenting here is my attempt to chart a whole year€™s worth of film-watching €“ something I have wanted to do for some time now. The aim is to post frequently, chronicling every film I watch this year €“ both offering reviews and setting myself the ultimate goal of watching (and writing about) as many films as humanly possible.

Quiet day- but it doesn't mean I didn't squeeze in a non-thinker, in the shape of The Simpsons Movie.

Film #8 The Simpsons Movie

I never expected it to work, but all of my fears were dispensed with when it became clear that the movie would not dilute the usual stinging satire and fast-paced humour, nor that it would go for a more ensemble approach and take focus away from Homer (the gold chip in their armory). All quality issues aside, my greatest concern was that the movie was nothing more than an obligatory flexing of the power muscles behind the show, but again I should have had no such concern - the extended plot, and grandeur of the initial idea proved that there was an obvious, definable reason for the move to the big screen. And thankfully, as with the South Park feature (which again was oddly good) there is a definite whiff of the joyous lack of restraint offered by the big screen- though the revelation of Bart's penis (in a wonderfully filmic comedy moment) pales rather beside South Park's lavish use of colourful language. The best thing to be heralded is the achievement of making a feature-length that feels as good, and remains as welcome as a single episode.

Score: 4/5

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