OWF Interview: Rodrigo Coates on his high-tension thriller BURIED!

Obsessed With Film's John Nugent sat down with director Rodrigo Coates last week to discuss his high-tension, high-concept and highly entertaining thriller 'Buried' which is playing across U.K. cinema's nationwide right now. Coates was gracious with us and spilled some great insights into his approach to shooting a whole movie inside a coffin and the challenges such an endeavour brings with it, and I hope you'll enjoy the video below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgJSciFpAPk Also... check out 'Buried'. I saw it at the weekend and it's really special movie for those looking for a little different in their multiplexes. This forum has also given me the opportunity to call myself a idiot. Last June, I mused 'who the hell is gonna pay to see that?' in reference to a one-man show featuring Ryan Reynolds in a box. Well, you know what, I did. And I loved it...
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