Paramount Developing Jackass 4: Bad Grandpa

Are Paramount Pictures about to announce the Jackass 3D sequel?

Are Paramount Pictures about to announce "Jackass 4: Bad Grandpa"? The studio registered a dozen domain names with that title and the word "movie" this week, so as of right now that is the title they are going for with the inevitable sequel. The third Jackass movie, "Jackass 3D", was released in 2010 and was a massive success for the studio, grossing $117 million domestically from a budget of just $20 million. The Jackass movies are cheap to make and are so popular they bring in a crazy amount of revenue for little risk, other than what the actors are stupid enough to put themselves through. Although Paramount have not officially announced a fourth film being in development, it was only a matter of time given the profitable nature of the franchise and Jackass 4: Bad Grandpa seems to be what they are going with. Consider it rumour for but a strong possibility given the nature of how these companies work (see James Bond's Skyfall and the new video game project Star Wars 1313 being revealed first in this very way). Here€™s the full list of domain names picked up by Paramount:
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