Parents of W are found!

James Cromwell (as Bush's father) and Ellen Burstyn (as Bush's mother) cast in Oliver Stone's biopic of the current U.S. President.

We have some more casting news for Oliver Stone's biopic of the current U.S. President George W. Bush. Variety say James Cromwell will play George Herbert Walker Bush, the former President and father to the current man in charge. It will be the 700th time Cromwell has played a figure of authority like this, specifically a President. It's a role he did in The West Wing, The Sum of All Fears and of course just recently he played a similar role in that of Prince Phillip in Stephen Frears' biopic of The Queen. Such lazy casting!

The trades also say that Ellen Burstyn will play Barbara Bush, the mother of George and wife to George, rather than the daughter of George. You with me?


Yesterday we heard that Elizabeth Banks had joined the cast as George's wife Laura Bush. James Brolin plays the much maligned President with the film due out before Bush leaves office next January and probably in time for the Presidential Elections in November. It's going to make HUGE money, I think we all know that. The timing has made that a no-brainer. This will be one of the biggest movies of the later half of the year.
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