Parker and Stone To Bring THE BOOK OF MORMON To The Big Screen?

'South Park' duo on plans to deliver feature-film version of their multi-award winning Broadway musical.

Great news - Trey Parker and Matt Stone fans rejoice! The creative duo, who brought us 1999's South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut and 2004's Team America: World Police, have spoken of plans to bring musical The Book of Mormon to cinemas.

The down-right awful news? It's "several years away". Parker and Stone's musical effort (winner of 9 tony awards) is a satirical look at two, young Mormon missionaries who travel to Uganda to spread the Lord's holy word to the people of a remote village (where a vicious war-lord's presence looms large) and find converts. The last time Parker and Stone delivered a film was back in 2004, with the hugely popular Team America: World Police, but have since worked hard creating TV episodes of South Park before bringing their idea for a religious-musical to life. The Book of Mormon has been a monster-success and begins a national tour next year, starting in Denver, Colorado. Speaking of this tour next summer, Parker spoke briefly of his plans:

Hopefully it will have a big run and a big tour and then we can do the movie in several years...We want to do it some day. The great thing is, a lot of Broadway teams would have to go team up with a Hollywood producer and bring on a Hollywood director, but Trey€™s a director and's a great producer. We€™ve all made movies. So it€™s kind of cool, it can stay in the same family.

If the reviews of The Book of Mormon are to be believed, the musical delivers the humour, taboo and perfect satirical approach that audiences would come to expect from the creators of South Park. Here's hoping the film version is less than "several years away".