PASSENGERS trailer & poster

The worst looking M. Night Shyamalan film, not directed by M. Night Shyamalan!

IMDB tells me that Rodrigo Garcia, director of the hammy Nine Lives helmed this psychological/thriller Passengers about the mysterious happenings to the survivors of a terrible plane crash ordeal but all the signs on this one point to one M. Night Shyamalan. It looks soooooo much like one of his movies and that is really not a good thing these days. Really low grade acting (like, really bottom of the barrel stuff), some awful reaction shots, terrible direction, a really cheap STV narrative voice-over. It looks worse than any of the trailers for The Happening, Lady in the Water and The Village put together and they have managed to make Patrick Wilson and Anne Hathaway look like amateurs. And haven't we seen David Morse, Clea Duvall and Andre Braugher (so this is why that guy went after he trekked into The Mist) do this thing time and time again? Play this movie alongside that Nicolas Cage craptacular looking Knowing (which also features a plane crash disaster) and you have possibly the worst looking double bill of the century.

And then if by some miracle, you weren't completely turned off by that ridiculous trailer, how's this poster take your fancy?

Great use of the Photoshop lightness feature guys, seriously!

Unsurprisingly this movie is just getting a limited release from October 24th and only the possibility of some nude scenes with Anne Hathaway could possibly have you interested in this one.

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