Patrick Dempsey Wants To Play DOCTOR STRANGE

Patrick Dempsey came to global attention with his excellent portrayal of young Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky alongside Christian Slater as Charlie €œLucky€ Luciano in the infinitely far too neglected 1991 movie Mobster, directed by Michael Karbelnikoff. Since then, Slater has had some highly publicised ups and downs in his career, but still remains an extremely high profile performer on screen or stage and still, occasionally, produces outstanding work. Dempsey, on the other hand, while no less talented an actor, has subsequently endured a far more subdued career, characterised by poorly selected roles in minor films and a lengthy stint as Dr Derek Shepherd on dreary television drama Grey€™s Anatomy. It appears that as his time on that particular show comes to an end, Dempsey is intent upon making his next step, another speculative one given his talents. The forty five year old actors appears keen to get on the increasingly laboured bandwagon of comic-book adaptations so that he may play the Stan Lee created Marvel character, Dr Strange, according to comments he made to The L.A. Times;
"It would be fantastic... It'd be a great TV show, especially for HBO or something like that."
He doesn€™t seem to be especially fussy about what form the adaptation would take, but he seems to prefer the possibility of a big screen, big budget production. Those who have kept track with on screen developments involving Doctor Strange should know that Marvel have wanted to bring Strange and all his mystical powers to the big screen for quite a while now. Last year they hired Conan writers Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer for a cinematic adaptation of the good doctor but then in September, talk emerged of Pixar setting their sights on Doctor Strange as their first animated superhero movie from Disney's newly acquired Marvel back catalogue. Since then things have looked quite on the franchise as Marvel seem more interested in bringing Iron Fist and Ant-Man to the big screen, though it might be cool if they let Pixar play around with the series. Dempsey€™s next big screen appearance will be in Michael Bay€™s third instalment of CGI quagmire Transformers films which, optimistically, he believes will raise his profile and underline his range:
"Hopefully, doing something like Transformers is about to show myself in an action situation where I'm not mister-weepy-doctor guy, you know, not McDreamy. You have to change that in people's view. I'm still hungry for other things."

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