Paul Dano Joins Rian Johnson's Sci-Fi Time Travel Thriller LOOPER

Paul Dano is in talks to join the cast of Looper - the dark and violent time travel, sci-fi thriller that marks the third feature film from Brick and The Brothers Bloom writer/director Rian Johnson.Joseph Gordon-Levitt leads as a Looper - the name of the profession of low-rent hitman who send their marks back in time to be executed. Variety say the movie is set to go in front of camera's next year with Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt on board to support. Johnson€™s Brick was one of the more confident and original debuts of the past decade and although The Brothers Bloom didn€™t make anywhere near as big an impact (not really a fault of the film, in truth) - when he promises to bring you a dark, violent noir tinged sci-fi original - it€™s a reason to get very excited indeed, especially with the overabundance of talent involved.
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