Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master Teaser Trailer Is Online

First teaser trailer from Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master is a thrilling glimpse at a potentially fantastic return to the screen from Joaquin Phoenix.

As press over in Cannes get a look at a sizable chunk of Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film "The Master", a short, tantilising teaser has arrived online giving us a look at Joaquin Phoenix's return to acting, after the experimental pseudo-biographical film "I'm Still Her"' consumed four odd years of his career. Watch it below; Undoubtedly, from this clip alone, Phoenix is on blistering form and may already be ironing his tux in preparation for next year's Academy Awards, and that's without the trailer even giving us the slightest glimpse of his co-star, the magnificent Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lancaster Dodd, the titular 'master', an intellectual reportedly based on L. Ron Hubbard, the chap responsible for Scientology. The film also features Amy Adams as Dodd's wife and Laura Dern. It has been five years since Anderson's "There Will Be Blood", but his work is always worth the wait, and, for my money, the man is yet to make a film any less than great. Jonny Greenwood is on scoring duties again, providing a twisted, fraught soundtrack to this teaser that evocatively mirrors the personality of Phoenix's character as his doctor quizzes him about certain 'episodes'. It's a tantilising peek at what will surely be one of this Winter's most anticipated films.

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