Pettyfer & Hannah will be in The Mummy 3 after all

Back in April, we posted the wild rumor that Alex Pettyfer (the star of Stormbreaker) was set for the 'kid role' in The Mummy 3: The Curse of the Dragon. Soon after I reported this it appeared to be false when Luke Ford was officially cast as Brendan Fraser's now much older son. However it turns out Pettyfer will be in the Mummy 3, though he probably won't be playing the son (unless it's a flashback to a younger age?). Bloody Disgusting also report that John Hannah will be reprising his role as Jonathan Carnahan, the brother of Eve Carnahan who in this film will be played by Maria Bello after Rachel Weisz saw sense and decided not do the project. Will Hannah's chemistry with Bello be as interesting as the one he had with Weisz, because for some reason those two clicked really well in the previous movies and it really added to the movie's overall humor. Also cast in the film are Anthony Wong from The Matrix sequels (who is likely to be a villain) and Isabelle Leong. Seen as though I've told you virtually the whole cast at this point, I might as well remind you that Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh are also in the flick, as the two main bad guys. Can't say I have any hope for this one. Rob Cohen is a truly awful choice to direct this picture and the 'Chinese Mummy Ninja's' plot sounds dreadful as does the replacing of Rachel Weisz with Maria Bello. The best chance this flick had was if they went back to the elements that made the first movie so good and just improve on what didn't work but from the looks of things this movie is going to turn out more like Mortal Kombat. Production has now begun on The Mummy 3 which is set for release on July 11th 2008.

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