Pfeiffer gets a Friend for CHERI

Your not going to believe this but Rupert Friend has signed on for the corset drama. What a shock!

British actor Rupert Friend who has the corset drama's Libertine, Pride & Prejudice and the upcoming movie about The Young Victoria on his CV has signed on the dotted line for Cheri. The movie is a French period drama which reunites the writer (Christopher Hampton), director (Stephen Frears) & one of the stars (Michelle Pfeiffer) of the Best Picture Academy Award nominated 1988 film Dangerous Liasions.

Friend will play the title character who enjoys a six year love affair with his mother's courtesan and older women Michelle Pfeiffer until it comes to a nasty end when he is forced to marry someone closer to his real age, who of course is rich. Kathy Bates has also been cast as Friend's mother says The Hollywood Reporter. Said young women has yet to be cast. Could Friend's girlfriend and corset regular Kiera Knightley get the gig?
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