Pixar Quiz: Which Character Said It?

"You got a play-date with destiny!"

Toy Story 3 Woody

Pixar movies are known for their ability to be incredibly moving despite often being films aimed at children. Many a full-grown adult has left a movie theatre in tears following watching a Pixar film.

We saw a marriage from beginning to end in Up, with Carl realising that he was Ellie's greatest adventure. In Toy Story 3, there was a moment when we were made to believe that our favourite characters had no way of escaping from a huge furnace. In Coco, there was the realisation that Héctor was about to be forgotten by his elderly daughter, causing him to slip into final death.

Pixar don't just get you with the sad moments, they are masters of pureness and joy. There was Meilin in Turning Red embracing the red panda within. We witnessed the beautiful life WALL-E created on a world where life has gone. Then there's Onward's Ian, who came to understand though he never knew his father, he was lucky enough to have a brother like Barley.

Pixar have a way of writing scripts filled with both hilarious, heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking quotes. Let's see if you can match the Pixar character to the quote?

How about we start you off with an easy one...

1. To Infinity And Beyond!


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