Pixar Trailers Collection #7: CARS (2006)

Controversially cast aside by even some of the most fervent Pixar fans, Cars is nevertheless a great film. Regardless of whether it was no more than a vehicle for John Lasseter to express his love of cars and Route 66 and racing - and why the hell that's a problem completely baffles me in the age of the auteur - it is still the studio on finest form. The characters are undoubtedly a little bit more of a difficult sell, because they come with inherent restrictions (hence recent accusations of "flatness" in response to my inclusion of two of them in my Top 50 Pixar Characters article), but even if we think it's the worst Pixar film, that still makes it infinitely better than most of its other-studio competitors. And here, thumbing its nose at the detractors, is the original teaser trailer, again using original footage to tease fans in. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the soundtrack - and that criticism can be stretched across to the film itself, because there isn't the usual charm of say a Randy Newman score in there (but then I suppose that wouldn't be appropriate either) - but the trailer does its job well. http://youtu.be/qCKdkbsMUA8
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