Pixar vs Dreamworks: Which Animation Studio is Really the Best?

I am, or at least used to be a massive Pixar fan. From the first time I saw Toy Story in the cinema in 1995 when I was five years old I was obsessed... so obsessed and blown away in fact that for the next ten years of my life after this I tried to perfect my artistic skills so that one day I would be lucky enough to work in the fantastic Pixar building and help create some of my all time favorite films. Long story short, turns out I'm not exactly Picasso. If you were to ask me this question five years ago: "Which studio is better, Pixar or Dreamworks?" I would have probably laughed at you and screamed Pixar in your face. However, if I am being completely honest, Pixar has let me down over the last few years. Pixar's first six films were incredible and showed us beautifully imagined worlds like never really before on film. We were blown away by the technology and the storytelling was some of, if not the best in Hollywood at the time. But since the movie Cars, things began to change for me... I am actually one of the very few people who don't consider Cars to be one of Pixar's two worst films in its history, and the film I do believe should be placed next to Cars 2 on that list would probably shock you out of reading this article... so I will tell you at the end like a wimp. But although I enjoyed Cars and thought it was a perfectly enjoyable and even touching film, this for me was the moment when Pixar went from being revolutionary to slowly becoming pretty darn average. It was at this point where I truly believe Pixar had run out of its best ideas, and although Pixar would create a few great films after Cars, the films wouldn't be anywhere near as original as its first 6 and the best film to come after Cars was in fact a sequel. When Pixar and Dreamworks have gone up against each other at the Oscar's, most of the time Pixar is guaranteed the win. It's because of this critical success that people haven't really been paying enough attention to Dreamworks... at least not as much as they pay attention to Pixar. Dreamworks produces many more films a year than Pixar do, but Pixar's films are certainly the more buzzed and talked about. But is this fair? Is Dreamworks just as good as Pixar, or maybe even better? To find out, I am going to compare 5 Pixar films and 5 Dreamworks films to try to settle this debate once and for all. I will only pick each studios better films and try to match them to similar films within each studios catalog. Perhaps all along we have been lead to believe Pixar is far superior when in fact, deep down, we have been enjoying Dreamworks films much, much more...

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