Pixar’s 10 Most Exciting Moments!

To celebrate the incredible power of Pixar... here are what I consider to be the 10 most exciting moments from their truly inspirational films!

Pixar have created some incredible films that are sure to enjoy a longevity afforded to very few animated films (only partner company Disney have really enjoyed a €˜timeless€™ popularity for most of their films). Revolutionising animation processes, Pixar€™s films are both groundbreaking and visually stunning €“ each improving upon the last. However, what keeps us coming back for more is their ability to create engaging and unforgettable narratives to merge with their impressive techniques. There isn€™t a Pixar film that hasn€™t impressed both audiences and critics (even the less glorified Cars has its legions of dedicated fans and if anything, the tie-in merchandise and the soon to be released sequel attest to it being popular with viewers somewhere). The reason we all love the studio so much is that their stories are accessible to child and adult alike and each of their films has at least one moment so memorable it keeps us returning to them whenever we get a chance. So to celebrate the incredible power of Pixar... here are what I consider to be the 10 most exciting moments from their truly inspirational films!

10. The Great Day Care Escape! €“ TOY STORY 3 (2010)

Toy Story 3 was one of the best films of last year for a number of reasons, but this scene perfectly sums these up. Taut with suspense, resplendent with action and enough comedy to keep the entertainment light, the toys€™ escape from the day care centre is Pixar storytelling at it€™s absolute best. Woody has always been the brains of the group and his careful planning and execution of the break out is reminiscent of some of the best escape films to ever have been produced. Buzz€™s flip to Spanish mode provides the comic relief, as does Mr Potato Head€™s need to use a tortilla and a cucumber as his body (plus Mrs Potato Head€™s reaction to the latter is legendary!). In essence, the scene is an exciting sequence of events that pits the gang against the crew of bad guys and is as engaging and entertaining for adults as any action thriller film is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIs3k4iKFjM

09. Edna€™s Best €˜Q€™ Impression €“ THE INCREDIBLES (2005)

The character of Edna is one of the most entertaining elements of The Incredibles: her hilarious, heavily accented voice (as provided by director Brad Bird) to her undeniable resemblance to iconic costume designer Edith Head, she€™s one hell of a character! When she gets to demonstrate the new superhero costumes that she€™s designed for the family to Elastigirl, Edna goes €˜Q€™ in a secret lab that puts the inner surroundings of the British Secret Service to shame. The costume demonstrations are genuinely exciting €“ we get to see how they€™re fireproof, stretchable, bulletproof and possibly most impressively, machine washable - and coupled with Edna€™s brilliantly nonchalant descriptions, the scene is both humorous and entertaining. Just enough capabilities within the suits are shown to entice the audience €“ leaving us ready to see them in action €“ but ultimately, the scene is dominated by the tiny (but powerful) Edna in a moment that is a perfect blend of comedy and anticipation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X6je1051A0

08. Up She Goes! €“ UP (2009)

The enchanting house flying scene from Up is exciting for a number of reasons: blending fantasy, beautiful vibrant imagery and a touching moment in the narrative, it is one of the most memorable moments within the movie. The attention to detail is vast, from stray balloons floating away on their own to the plethora of colours that are reflected through the balloons from the sunlight. The jaw-dropping expressions of the characters on screen reflect our own, as the magic of the sequence takes us away into a breathtaking fantasy. Whilst viewers may have to suspend their disbelief for a moment (surely the difficulty of controlling it would mean the house would smash into buildings or catch on power lines etc and be badly damaged?), the poetic nature of the scene brilliantly blends excitement with disbelief to create a scene that is not easily forgotten. It€™s also an opportunity to show some remarkable scenery that is a visual treat, but ultimately the premise of the scene is what makes it such an elating experience. In fact, for a group of engineers the scene (and the prospect of recreating it in reality) proved so exciting they actually attempted their own house flight! If anything, this demonstrates how effective the scene is and what an exciting idea it proved to be. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3bwLIVdc4I

07. Flik-ing Through the City€ €“ A BUG€™S LIFE (1998)

Narratively this may not be one of the most enthralling moments in Pixar€™s back catalogue, but for me it was the first time the sheer beauty and magnificence of the studio€™s animation became apparent. Attention to detail is what makes this moment one of the most exciting the studio has ever put to film. As Flik weaves his way through the insect town, it€™s evident that Pixar have spent a lot of time researching into the different world of bugs. Coupled with their brilliant use of imagination, this world comes alive, highlighting similarities and difference between this and the human world. Rich in colour and texture, audiences can almost feel the town on screen €“ a world comprised of pieces of everyday human rubbish. The animation has improved leaps and bounds since the company€™s earlier offering of Toy Story in 1995 (a film that was certainly groundbreaking) and makes A Bug€™s Life even more impressive. Although the films narrative is made up of some very exciting moments €“ for example, the grasshopper entrance that is reminiscent of the 1950s biker movies that saw gangs of teenage hoodlums terrorise entire towns, is really thrilling €“ back in 1998 the most exciting thing for me was this new, striking style of animation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWZk7dPJ2W8

06. Marlin & Dory: Friends Not Food! €“ FINDING NEMO (2004)

Finding Nemo is one of Pixar€™s most exciting films for the immense beauty of its aquatic setting: the tropical colours, the rich tapestry of textures and the realistic nature of the scenery. However, one scene stands out for me as being particularly exciting and extremely humorous. When Marlin and Dory (only recently acquaintances) bump into Bruce and his pals €“ sharks who have pledged not to eat fish €“ the scene is set for a brilliant sequence. Immediately, tension is built as Bruce smiles showing multiple rows of razor sharp teeth. However, cleverly, the prospect of an exciting chase is momentarily dropped as it appears Bruce will not try and eat them, instead befriending them and taking them with him to his meeting. Cue funny quips courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres€™s Dory and oodles of humour surrounding Marlin€™s already established intense nervousness. However, faster than you can say shark bait, the scene flips and suddenly the audience is submerged into the chase scene originally anticipated as Bruce discovers he can€™t resist fish for too long€ Now comes the exciting, fast paced dash through sunken ships and minefield left over from WWII €“ excitement incarnate! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX9-EMn5tsk

05. The Opening Race €“ CARS (2006)

Cars is not the most popular of Pixar€™s feature films, but the opening Speedway race is one of the most exciting moments they have created €“ particularly when seen on the big screen. Filled with some intense, action-packed moments, the scene catapults audiences into the midst of the furious action. As the other racers begin to pile up and debris flies from all directions at the screen, it€™s easy to imagine that had Cars been made at a slightly later date the improved 3D technology Disney/Pixar use would have propelled it to new heights. However, the scene is still impressive despite being 2D and viewers would be forgiven for wishing that real motor racing was filmed in such an up close fashion! As well as being resplendent with action most boys would die to be a part of, this is also the moment we are introduced to the sheer awesomeness of Lightening McQueen (voiced by the arguably less cool Owen Wilson). We discover that he€™s a rookie racer, a bit of a playboy and definitely one to watch out for: essentially he€™s characterised as an exhilarating protagonist. Finally, on a visual level, the scene is electrifying and grand on scale, but the attention to the smallest detail makes it an exciting one. Look out for the furtive moments of product placement, a clever attention to detail that offers a more authentic viewing experience. As we await the second instalment into the franchise, lets hope it€™s rammed with more moments as exciting as this one! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s_hjnbSTEs

04. Airport Luggage Chase €“ TOY STORY 2 (1999)

One of Disney and Pixar€™s greatest skills is to take a childhood dream or fantasy and turn it into a reality within the realms of their films. As a kid I always imagined that the vast network of conveyor belts that brings your luggage to the baggage reclaim (or not, if you€™re one of the unlucky ones€) would look exactly like the crazy, maze-like system that is created in Toy Story 2. Reminiscent of an exciting rollercoaster, the scene where the toys try and reach Woody (and new friends Jesse and Bullseye, plus the evil Prospector Pete) is simply thrilling. The acts like a rollercoaster car at times, giving viewers a point of view shot that immerses them into the action and makes the whole scene even more exhilarating. Coupled with the suspense of the narrative €“ will Woody and the gang be saved before being shipped off to a toy museum? €“ and realistic portrayals of friendship and the lengths we will go to retain this, makes the scene not only and engaging and enjoyable watch, but a heart-warming one too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzOobENmgoE

03. Frolics in Space €“ WALL-E (2008)

Whilst this may not be the most exciting moment narratively, for me it€™s by far the most breathtaking and beautiful moment in the film. The excitement and suspense of the pod launch scene a moment before, is replaced by a sense of calm and is an opportunity for Pixar to dazzle us with its stunning visuals. The realism of space that they manage to create in this scene is marvellous: the perfection of the sense of weightlessness WALL-E and EVE feel in the gravity-free atmosphere and the incomparable beauty of a black sky scattered with a sprinkling of diamond like stars. An element of narrative excitement is generated in the scene, as it€™s the first time it€™s made perfectly clear that EVE cares for WALL-E and as soon as he starts squirting the fire extinguisher to reach her the charm and lovability of the character could melt the iciest of hearts! The immense splendour and magnificence of this scene is far more exciting to me than the ship€™s computer trying to get rid of WALL-E. Essentially, it€™s one of the most striking scenes in cinema history. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRHBmOSbEtM

02. Sliding Doors! €“ MONSTERS, INC. (2003)

The best aspect of Monsters, Inc. is the sheer imagination behind the narrative and settings and this scene is based around the core location behind the monsters€™ world: the door storage room. Epic (some might even say monster€sorry, I€™ll stop!) in scale and detailed beyond belief, this setting is one that would have been impossible to create outside of the realms of animation. Similar to the luggage escapade in Toy Story 2, the scene plays as one giant rollercoaster ride as Mike and Sully chase the diabolical Randal around the storage facility and through a variety of doors that open up additional locations and add to the excitement. Reminiscent of the surrealist graphic artistry of M.C. Escher, the helter-skelter chase through the facility is tense, engrossing, comedic and above all, engaging. As always, Pixar throws the audience in with the characters and we feel a part of the action: if cinemas were equipped with moving seat mechanisms, this scene could easily make an exhilarating simulator ride! The scene is also exciting for its inclusion of the age old pitting of good against evil. Whilst we know Mike and Sully will prevail, Pixar chuck in a number of moments that keep viewers on the edge of their seats and encourage us to want more.

01. The Toys Meet Their Maker? €“ TOY STORY 3 (2010)

It was the moment all Toy Story fans dreaded€perched on the edge of our seats en masse, we watched Woody and the gang slide ever closer to the fiery pit of destruction, with no foreseeable escape! It was touted as the last film in the series €“ was this really how they were going to end it? Grown men were brought close to tears, permanently preened women bit their well manicured nails to shreds and hoards of children sat in utter bewilderment, as we all watched our childhood heroes face a certain end. Pixar brilliantly built suspense in this scene, as the slow descent into the fire became the perfect opportunity to portray a real sense of friendship between the motley crew of toys. It was an extremely taut and sad €“ nay, heartbreaking scene €“ which quickly turned to utter joy (and rapturous applause at the screening I attended!) when the cute little aliens finally got to control their worshipped claw and save the day. Sheer perfection and by far the most exciting scene Pixar have ever created! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCNgNkAZqg4 Agree? Disagree? Have your own most exciting moments not listed here? We€™re dying to know, so leave a comment below! Disney presents its biggest and best €˜buy one get one free€™ offeron over 30 DVD and Blu-ray titles - 26 September to 31 October 2011, so hurry while stocks last. Packed full of exciting releases, Disney presents its biggest and best €˜buy one get one free€™ offer ever to run 26 September to 31 October 2011, so hurry while stocks last. This fantastic offer features exciting new releases including; Tron: Legacy and Tangled Blu-ray as well as Disney classics such as Beauty & The Beast, Dumbo and Fantasia. Over 30 Blu-ray and DVD titles will be available in the offering and presenting the perfect gift for your partner, the little ones in your life or just for you and your friends for a magical night in. Don€™t delay; make sure you pick up the bargain of the year today! Kick start your Christmas shopping and get more from Disney. Full List of Disney Blu-ray and DVD Titles Include: DVD and Blu-ray Titles Toy Story 3 Tron Alice (Animated) Princess and the Frog UP Fantasia Bambi Tangled Dumbo SE Cars Monsters Inc Toy Story SE Toy Story 2 SE Tink 3 Wall-E Bolt Ratatouille Fantastia 2000 Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure A Bug€™s Life The Incredibles Tron Original Classic Chicken Little Dinosaur Meet the Robinsons DVD Titles Include Beauty and the Beast Aladdin Muscial Masterpiece Finding Nemo Aristocats Robin Hood SE Mary Poppins 45th Anniversary Lemonade Mouth Fox and the Hound The Rescuers Mulan Black Couldron Other DVD Titles Include: Bedknobs and Broomsticks Emperor€™s New Groove Hercules Oliver and Company Tink 1 Tink 2 Pixar Short Film Collection Atlantis Sword in the Stone Bambi 2 Tinkerbell Other Blu-ray Titles Include: G-Force Enchanted Camp Rock 2
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