Pixar's 11 Greatest Moments

Pixar Logo For nearly two decades (wow, that makes me feel old), Pixar Animation Studios has earned a reputation as one of the finest institutions in Hollywood today. Revolutionizing moviemaking by crafting the first computer animated feature length film with Toy Story in 1995, Pixar is also well-known for being amazing storytellers. Understanding the concept of a "family film," their filmography is full of great movies that both kids and adults can enjoy. Throughout their history, Pixar's films have had several iconic moments that help elevate them over other animated films. With intriguing original projects like The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out on the horizon, this list is all but guaranteed to undergo some revisions in the coming years, but for now here are eleven great Pixar moments from Toy Story to Monsters University. I couldn't just do ten. I had to turn it up to eleven. With the exception of number one, the moments on this list are not in any particular order. WARNING: NUMBER ELEVEN ON THIS LIST CONTAINS MINOR MONSTERS UNIVERSITY SPOILERS

11. Sulley & Mike Team Up - Monsters University

Monsters_University_37037 The studio's first prequel, this summer's Monsters University showed that despite what we've learned from George Lucas, prequels can be done right. Working as a funny spoof of college life, this film adds to the original by providing some touching character moments, particularly in the third act. Monsters University's main storyline details the rivalry between Mike and Sulley, who we know will go on to become best friends. It's a classic case of contrasting styles. Mike is the bookworm, always eager to do more studying about scaring and prove he belongs. Sulley is the legacy child with the big family name who slacks off and gets by on his natural ability. Each has something the other wants, so it made a whole lot of sense for them to eventually work together. After a heart-to-heart talk by a lake, the two monsters team up to scare adults and power a door from inside the human world. Combining Mike's knowledge of various scare strategies and techniques with Sulley's raw talent, we are treated to a well-constructed sequence that seemed like something out of a horror movie. This scene also serves the characters, as Mike - who saw his dream of being a top scarer end - finds the right place for him and Sulley learns to just be himself and not worry about living up to the Sullivan pedigree. We all knew how this film would end, but give Pixar credit for making it an earned moment.

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