Play CAPTAIN AMERICA In Retro 16-Bit Goodness!

Marvel have released a 16 bit platformer online game as a promotional tool for Captain America: The First Avenger. Warning! It's extremely addictive!

Oh. My. God. In the lead-up to Disney/Marvel's final summer cinema blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel has released a promotional game to get us even more excited than we already are, which we didn't think was even possible. But... wait for it... as a retro 16 bit platformer! The game, named Captain America: Shield Of Justice, was released on July 7th to help the ever increasing hype. Head to this link: to play it for free. You take the role of Captain America garbed in his battlefield outfit from the new film and your mission is to fight your way through the hordes of Hydra agents and confront the Red Skull. Whether you are a film fan, a comic collector or game-head you will love this return to simpler times and more insane numbers of enemies, bullets, bombs and power-ups. I am a dedicated classic gamer (modern games are just too big for me) and am giggling like a kid at the perfect reprise that Marvel has developed. You can jump, duck behind your shield for protection, deliver a strong close-range attack or throw your shield from afar. And if you can find and collect three Cap shields you will be able to perform a devastating attack that clears the screen! This game is so much fun that my wife may not see me for a week or two.
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