It's finally starting to get away from the Lord of the Rings imitation film, but there's still something awkward about this fall's big fantasy movie.


The new trailer for this fall's attempt at the big fantasy audience The Golden Compass has so much going on, that I can guarantee there are going to be bits that you think look amazing and other bits that will turn you off. Sometimes the effects look great (one instance with the Polar Bear standing upright looks amazing) but then there's others where the effects don't look so great (flying Eva Green, anytime an animal talks). I like the cast and I sincerely want it to do well but I just can't get excited over it. There's something awkward about this movie that doesn't seem to connect with me but with that trailer they should have a pretty big hit on their hands this Christmas. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TRAILER At least it's finally starting to weave it's own identity and get out of the Lord of the Rings mould like the first trailer. What do you think? Movie comes out on the first week of December in both U.K. and U.S. source - coming soon
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