Polar Review: 3 Ups & 6 Downs

Mads Mikkelsen deserves better.

Polar Mads Mikkelsen

Netflix's adaptation of Victor Santos' webcomic Polar is out now, and despite the streaming giant landing an impressive 15 Oscar nominations this past week - including Best Picture - the Mads Mikkelsen-starring thriller is a reminder that they're still not above dumping a January dud upon audiences.

At the time of press Polar has opened to a shockingly bad 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and isn't likely to rise much higher, with an average score of around 2.0 no less.

It is exactly the sort of movie people joke about when they call Netflix a dumping ground for low-effort genre movies conventional studios wouldn't dare touch.

And though it's certainly not all bad - Mikkelsen can't help but give a compelling performance, for one - it falls far short of the mark technically, tonally and narratively, and shouldn't satisfy many beyond the most hardcore fans of Santos' comic.

At least with Jake Gyllenhaal's Velvet Buzzsaw hitting Netflix next weekend, the streamer should (hopefully) rebound soon enough...


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