Poll: Prometheus, Avengers, Batman...If You Could Only Watch One Film In 2012

Gun to your head. If you could only watch one film this year, what would it be?


You know that classic phrase, "if you see one film this year, see..."? I wonder if that is actually a reality for anyone. Surely people have enough time to watch more than one film a year, right? Well it should come as no surprise that this year is stocking up some mammoth releases. Our very own Luke Stevenson has done a fantastic job in approaching some of this years bigger titles, in his 'Biggest Films of 2012' series - kudos dude. But gun to your head, if you could literally only watch one film this year, what would it be? Now, there are rules to this hypothetical situation. Once the choice is made, that's you done. You'd be able to find out what happens in the others films via reviews, spoilers, word of mouth, etc. But you'd not be able to watch those other films until 00:01 on 1st January 2013. Repeat viewings of your chosen film would not be allowed. This would literally be a one time only deal. You can only make your choice in advance, like a pre-order viewing. So no finding out general consensus before choosing. This is all done purely based on hype, and your own enthusiasm at the prospective film. So what is more important to you? Watching Bilbo find his precious. Cowering at the rebirth of sci-fi horror. Finding out how Quentin Tarantino fits his famous 'car boot POV cam' into a western. Venturing into District 12 with Jennifer Lawrence. Or finally getting to hear Hawkeye speak. Reader, the choice is yours...

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