Poster for Gerard Butler's first post-300 movie

Anyone else interested in Gerard Butler's career post-300? He's probably the biggest star that has been made this summer and was snapped up for half a dozen parts, all varied and interesting after his role in the Spartan epic. His role in the upcoming drama P.S, I Love You though is not one of those movies as this was greenlit well before 300 came out in theatres. The movie based on the book of the same name from Ceceila Ahern (which my girlfriend and my mum really like) follows Hilary Swank as a happily married women who has to move on with her life when her husband played by Gerard Butler, dies of illness. Before her husband died, he secretly wrote her some letters that will guide her through his loss and allow her to rediscover herself. I always think of this movie along with The Lovely Bones as they both have very similar themes and plots. This one sounds a little fluffier though (it doesn't involve the rape and murder of a young girl for a start) and doesn't have the fantasy elements of being from the point of view of someone in Heaven. Supporting roles are filled by Kathy Bates, James Marsters, Lisa Kudrow and Gina Gershon, with a release date of December 21st set in stone. Poster is below thanks to Rope of Silicon. You really wouldn't think Butler is going to croak it from this poster would you? It looks like the poster for a rom-com rather than a serious drama but oh well, maybe Warner Brothers know what they are doing.


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