Vinnie Jones as a meat hook carrying subway serial killer, a Japanese director helming his first movie in the U.S. and a story based upon a Clive Barker short story. Could MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN be the first good slasher movie since the remake of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE? Oh, don't get me wrong that movie wasn't a patch on the original but it wasn't too bad a slasher movie either... at least compared to some of the other remakes we've had to endure recently. New poster for the below below, from those good folks at Bloody Disgusting.

This is probably our best hope of a good slasher film this year and I think it looks really strong. I really liked the trailer that we premiered for this back in September and I wouldn't be surprised if this did DISTURBIA numbers at the box office. Really cool trailer, which since it's been a while since he played it the first time I will post for you again. Has it done enough to win your cash?

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