Predator: 15 Most WTF Franchise Moments (So Far)

From awesome to awful.

Predator 2 Want Some Candy Lightened

With Shane Black's The Predator hitting cinemas worldwide this week, it's been the perfect opportunity to revisit the legendary sci-fi horror franchise and see how its past entries hold up.

While it's fair to say that there's only one verifiable classic in the series to date - the 1987 original, of course - the sequels, soft-reboots and, yes, even the Alien vs. Predator spin-offs do at least offer up an ambitious and memorably demented expansion of the more subdued original.

So, while Predator 2 is a messy follow-up, both AvP movies are flaming train-wrecks and Predators is a not-bad, not-great course-correction, each of these films has nevertheless delivered its share of horrifying, hilarious and straight-up weird moments you won't soon forget.

From boundary-pushing violence to iconic action, awesome Easter eggs, absurd one-liners and everything in-between, these are the WTF moments that define the Predator franchise for better and for worse.

Fingers crossed that no matter how good or bad The Predator ends up being, it at least contributes some more wildly off-kilter moments to the series' repertoire...

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