Predator gets double teamed in Aliens vs. Predator

avp2.jpgThe sequel to Alien vs. Predator has gone through another name change. Originally it was titled Alien vs. Predator 2, then it became Alien vs. Predator: Survival of the Fittest, then it was rumored to be No Peace on Earth and now they have gone the way of the James Cameron and simply called it Aliens vs. Predator. Is the title difference too subtle? It worked great for Cameron's sequel in the 80's when the title was only 5 letters long so adding an S to the very end was noticeable. But with a title like Aliens vs. Predator, at a quick glance you can't really notice the difference. Maybe calling it Aliens vs. Predator: No Peace on Earth might help the "average joe" work out that this is a sequel to that 2004 film. In any event, things aren't looking good for Predator who by the sounds of it must now fight of a bunch of those damn Aliens. Aliens vs. Predator opens on Christmas Day and is for those geeks who would rather see two monsters battle it out than to visit their relatives (i.e. strangers they just happen to visit once a year). source - shock till you drop

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