Predicting The 10 Highest Grossing Films Of 2015

What are the biggest hits of the year going to be?

The biggest concern to a movie fan in 2015 is whether Terminator Genisys will be a worthy continuation of the franchise. For studio executives, however, the next twelve months are going to be a bit more fraught. Typically quality is a secondary concern to Hollywood's suits, with a film's box office a lone measure of success. And in that regard, 2014 was a failure. Last year may have boasted an exciting array of movies, but, simply put, not enough people came out to see them. For all the expectation breaking of Guardians Of The Galaxy or flat-out awesomeness of The Lego Movie, compared to previous years overall takings were down, both in domestic and global terms. A rather uninspired and indistinct range of high profile blockbusters has been stated as the cause, so this may finally kick-start a desire in the higher echelons to make movies that have a modicum of creativity on top of the usual financial viability. Or maybe not - 2015 is shaping up to be a pretty massive year, with more blockbusters than ever contesting for your cash, which'll undoubtably lead to some better reports come the year's end. With that in mind, here's a prediction of what the 2015 global box office top ten may look like.


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