Project X: 5 Reasons Why It's A Nasty Piece of Filmmaking

project x In the opening lines of Project X, one of the €˜protagonists€™ (I use the term loosely) addresses the camera speaking directly to the audience:
Costa: What up my lovely females? This is your boy Costa, your host for the evening. Behind me is Thomas Kub's house. Today is Thomas Kub's birthday, Costa: and this is Project X, yo.
This first line sums up everything that is wrong with the film. What follows is 88 minutes of narcissistic, self-indulgence that turns the teen sex comedy genre into something loathsome and repugnant. I am a huge fan of other teen comedy movies, from Porky€™s right up to American Pie and Superbad. What made these films so enjoyable were their empathetic characters, great writing and each had a touch of humanity about it, something that pulled at your heartstrings to show that teenagers aren€™t ALL sex-crazed, hormonal wrecks of human beings. They weren€™t only masturbating with baked goods and talking about €˜banging chicks€™, but they had a heart to them which has made these films such classics. Project X takes all the best parts of the sex-comedy/house-party movie and becomes so self-absorbed in its debauchery it forgets to make it an enjoyable viewing experience. Unlikeable characters, misogynistic portrayal of women, poor writing, awful camera work and the fact it€™s just not funny are just five of the reasons this is one of the worst films to come out of Hollywood in many years. It will leave a nasty taste in your mouth...

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