Prometheus 2: 8 Fan Theories For What To Expect

More answers, clarity and explanations would be nice, Ridley.

There were a lot of people who thought that it would never happen; that Ridley Scott's follow-up to his sort-of Alien prequel, Prometheus, was doomed to linger in development hell forever - a project that would never quite find a way to find itself properly green-lit. But then came the news: Scott was still interested in making the follow-up, despite the fact that he opted to direct three unrelated movies in the aftermath of the film's release, and 20th Century Fox even plan to unveil the picture ahead of Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5. Prometheus 2 is set to start filming in January, then, with both Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender reprising their roles from the first film - as a result, interest in the somewhat belated sequel has started to explode to life all over again. The original picture was something of a divisive film, of course; whilst many praised the visual aspects, almost everyone felt as though the story was kind of lacking - gaps in logic and plot holes ahoy! And so it's the story that Prometheus 2 needs to get right. It's this one aspect that Scott's follow-up to his beautifully-shot but narratively questionable sci-fi picture needs to nail to the wall. That said, nobody knows anything about Prometheus 2 - right now, it's all speculation and fan theories. Which isn't a bad thing, given that the end of the last film set up a sequel story with limitless potential - one with the scope to explore an entirely galaxy. Here, then, are 8 of the most intriguing fan theories from all corners of the internet regarding what to expect from the actually happening Prometheus 2...
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