Prometheus 2: 9 Things Need To Happen

9. Write A Screenplay And Stick With It

The numerous script re-writes that Prometheus became subject to is a rather large point of contention among critics and fans of the film. The screenplay, which was co-written by Damon Lindelof and Jon Spaihts was changed multiple times throughout the film's production, with many placing the pacing and narrative issues on the many changes that were made both before and during production of the film. The extent to which the screenplay was changed from the original is unclear, but we do know is that Prometheus was originally intended to be a direct prequel to Ridley Scott's Alien, but as time went on, the film grew ever more distant from its original premise. Prometheus is still set in the Alien universe, but its connection with said film is rather strenuous at best. With other scenes such as the appearance of more Engineers and more definitive answers on some the film's burning questions being ultimately omitted, there's little reason to wonder why fans of the Alien franchise got so irate with the final product. Now that we know that Lindelof won't be returning to write the screenplay for Prometheus 2, there may be hope for the film yet. However production on the second film plays out, we just sincerely hope that the basic template for the film is cemented rather early on this time. Please guys, just know what you want the film to be about before you start filming.

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