Prometheus 2 Is Actually Called Alien: Paradise Lost

John Milton goes interstellar.

The Martian is still a week away, but in the media blitz for Matt Damon Of Mars it's become clear Ridley Scott's already looking towards his next sci-fi epic. Prometheus 2 has been on the cards ever since the whole Alien prequel enterprise was conceived, and from various interviews we're beginning to get a picture of what exactly the film's shaping up to be. The latest piece of news is a biggie; turns out the film isn't actually Prometheus 2 at all. No, it's called Alien: Paradise Lost and will deal directly with where that star beast came from, rather than just expanding on the Engineers (although that'll probably play a part). Wait, so it will essentially be what a lot of Alien fans were expecting Prometheus - an origin of the xenomorph coupled with an existential exploration of man's place in the stars? Cool! Of course, with Ridley Scott's productions notoriously open to change (Robin Hood went through three distinctly different concepts) there's always the chance that the movie formerly known as Prometheus 2 will be even more different when it hits screens. Such unpredictability isn't a problem though - anything that keeps Neill Blomkamp's ill-advised Alien 5 stuck in development is fine by me. Alien: Paradise Lost is in pre-production.
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