Prometheus 2 Will Have More Michael Fassbender Than Any Movie Ever

Ridley Scott is confirmed to direct for a March 2016 release. And it seems there'll be more Fassbender than any movie deserves...

Unlike with the plot of the last movie, 20th Century Fox have lifted the mystery surrounding that "secret Ridley Scott project" everyone already suspected was Prometheus 2 and have revealed that yes, it really is Prometheus 2! As the sequel to Scott's loose Alien prequel from 2012, the Blade Runner director has agreed to get back on board for another installment... and this time he's thankfully jettisoned writer Damon Lindelof out into the cold depths of space, and has replaced him with one Michael Green (who wrote The Green Lantern - wait, is that good thing?). If fans are a little dubious to get quite as excited at the prospect of a Prometheus sequel as they were for the original movie (it let us all down, didn't it?), it's probably a good thing: this time around, audiences can at least step into theatres in the firm knowledge that their sci-fi dreams probably aren't going to come true. Then again, the fact that Michael Fassbender - who played a morality-confused android named David in the first installment- is also currently being rumoured to return might be enough to get the hype gears into overdrive again, 'cause David is the best. We're also hearing that Prometheus 2 might feature not one, but "multiple" David androids, clearly because somebody has released that Michael Fassbender was the greatest thing about Prometheus, and have found a way to include as many of him as possible - how that will work from a narrative point of view, we have no idea, but it doesn't really matter: multiple Davids! The last movie, as you'll know - and if you don't know, stop reading now - had Noomi Raplace's scientist Elizabeth Shaw setting out on a journey to the Engineer's homeworld, and... Well, it was super vague and confusing, actually. The plan is for Scott to start on Prometheus 2 (not its official title, by the way) when he's finished making his Moses flick, Exodus, with Christian Bale, Aaron Paul, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kinglsey and Joel Edgerton. How does this sound to you? Excited about the prospect of multiple Davids? Do you have faith in Prometheus 2? Let us know in the comments section below.
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