Prometheus & 5 Best Films Of 2012 So Far

Just missing out were The Cabin in the Woods, 21 Jump Street and Chronicle... but which films did make our top 5?

Mid-June means we€™re around halfway through 2012 already; how time flies, which led me to reviewing the year in film so far. As always January brought with it some great post-Oscars films (which the UK always get months after the US). This time around we were blessed with War Horse, The Descendants, Shame and Young Adult. Yet as is easily predicted 2012 is still to deliver its best efforts, we€™ve lots to look forward to, including; The Dark Knight Rises, Looper, Lawless, Killing Them Softly, Skyfall, Argo, Cloud Atlas, Gangster Squad, The Master, The Hobbit and tonnes more. It€™s been quite a good year, with some interesting indies and thrilling blockbusters. Just missing out on the top 5 are; Cosmopolis (a cold but very human journey into a not too unlikely future... though I know everyone doesn't feel the same way), Chronicle (an entertaining origins movie played out via the dreaded €˜found footage€™ genre) and the insane The Cabin In The Woods (the revolutionary horror pastiche which was highly flawed yet fun). There was also 21 Jump Street and Aardman€™s Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists that had their moments yet everything else was boringly average. Below is a list of my top 5 faves of 2012 thus far:

5. Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson epitomises the word €˜auteur€™; his films are so very Wes Anderson sometimes it can be overpowering, yet with Moonrise Kingdom he€™s on a return to form, channelling the childlike naivety of Rushmore. His unique style seems so very suited to this quirky, 60s world in which two rebellious kids go missing on an island prompting a search party that involves a foolish cop (Bruce Willis is great, showing his vulnerable side) and a group of Khaki Scouts led by Edward Norton (who somehow oozes cool even in a scouts uniform). With moments of genius and a hilarious turn from Bill Murray (he throws his shoe!) this dramedy beautifully crafts a true vision of childhood and the highs & lows of growing up.
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