Prometheus: 5 Unanswered Questions & Sequel Theories

The new movie's mysteries are there to be solved but are they the key to working out what comes next?

Hi readers, me again. Back on the subject of Prometheus (shocker). So, I went to see the movie again today and this time I could let the story go a bit and look closer at the story behind the story. What the hell is going on with the Engineers? What the hell happened on LV-223? And given the wide open ending of the film, where the hell might the Prometheus sequels go next?

Obviously there are spoilers in this article and it should be read only by those who have seen the film;

Okay, so first up let's cobble the story of The Engineers together shall we;

1. What Are The Engineers Actually Doing?

The opening scenes of the movie aren't yet clear to the overall story, even after two viewings. What it is we're actually seeing is still up for debate but in my mind it's one of three options. 1) It's Earth and we're seeing an Engineer sacrifice himself to create life 2) It's actually LV-223 but I'm only saying this as both "planets" share the same piece of score (but this is most likely to highlight the Engineers rather than a return to the planet from the opening of film... right?) and 3) It's just a planet somewhere in the galaxy and we're seeing what the Engineers do, wherever they go. My gut tells me that the sequels will reveal it's Earth but at this stage I think the setting is inconsequential and we are just seeing the Engineers at work. Given the zero response from the Engineer regarding the massive flying saucer that doesn't hang around for too long, my guess is that vessel is a ship that ensures the environment of the chosen planet is as the Engineers desire. It flies in, fixes the environment and when they are done, one of the Engineers, a perfect psychical specimen of Space Jockey goodness sacrifices themselves in order to weave the 'perfect' organic material inside of him in with the prepared and ready planet that the Engineers want to bring life to. The film depicts the break down of the Engineer's DNA and the rebuilding within the planets water supply. The begins of life. The begins of The Engineers experiment.

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