Prometheus Viral Video 10-11-12 Sets Up Blu-Ray Release?

Now Prometheus has us remembering numbers. 10-11-12 , 10-11-12 . Now all together 10-11-12!!

Hey there Prometheus head scratchers and those who wish to delve deeper into the film's mysteries post-release.

20th Century Fox have released another interesting viral video today, which seems to depict Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) building himself up before the TED talk viral that was released a few months back. The video has Weyland muttering words from a book by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, "Thus Spoke Zarathustra,". There are more details on but really this viral is vague at best even if it is very, very cool and hints at grander things (much like the film itself). But what are those grander things? Well this all seems linked to much spoken and debated about 10-11-12 that shows up at the end of the Prometheus credits and also shows up at the end of this viral. So what is 10-11-12? Many consider it to be a date but a date for what? The Blu-ray/DVD release for Prometheus maybe - making this new wave of virals an advertising campaign to the extended Ridley Scott cut of the film that feels like it's missing a good twenty minutes in the theatrical cut. Is it a date that the writers can finally talk about the backstory in the film? Is it a date that holds some significance to the film itself (beyond the date Weyland starting "Building Better Worlds") that will be revealed online? Or as a totally out there idea, is it the date of the second film and Ridley Scott has pulled the impossible trick of making a second movie with no one finding out about it, no leaks, no trailers and no pre-awareness? Okay, that one is doubtful given the spoilery world we live in but whatever 10-11-12 is, it means Prometheus isn't ready to say goodbye to us just yet and something else seems to be on the horizon.


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