P.S. I Love You trailer

Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank's comedy/drama looks sickly sentimental and more than a little dire.

psiloveyou_poster.jpgI was looking forward to P.S. I Love You, Gerard Butler's first movie since his star turn in one of this year's biggest hits 300 but after seeing the trailer, the movie looks more like a comedy than I expected it to... and pretty dire in truth. I kinda thought it was more of a serious drama but from the looks of things it looks like a happily sentimental Nancy Meyers movie. I always did quite the idea of this thing but by the third time Hilary Swank fell over, the second time Lisa Kudrow does her Phoebe like joke... I think I had enough of this. Look for this movie in the week before Christmas, from Freedom Writers director Richard LaGravenese. source - filmstalker, rope of silicon
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