QUANTUM OF SOLACE theme gets first play

The theme song for QUANTUM OF SOLACE, performed by Jack White and Alicia Keys, titled Another Way To Die has had it's first airplay this morning on the Jo Wiley show on UK Radio 1. The song, for those of you who didn't know, has actually been playing in the background of a recent Coke commercial, but can now be heard in full! It VERY much has a fairly typical Raconteurs sound to it - it wouldn't be out of place on their most recent album. Whether or not it really works as a Bond theme tune may well be questionable - but this is fucking awesome. Hot off the press! Matt is out of the office today but has just rang me to ask to pass on his thoughts on the song.

"It is an horrendous bond song which, as far as bond themes go, is a huge step backwards".
Oh well, I guess this song must be a bit like marmite...
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