QUANTUM OF SOLACE trailer on Monday!

The second Bond film in two years, thankfully a quicker turn-over than the five six year gap between Die Another Day and Casino Royale will receive a teaser trailer on Monday.

Quantum of Solace which opens in the last week of October in the U.K. (a week later most other places) will see Daniel Craig return as 007 with new villain - French actor Mathieu Amalric who intends to take over water supply in Bolivia for his own means.
The trailer will make its debut on AOL.com (domestic) and MSN.com (international) in an exclusive two-hour window Monday morning, 9:00am - 11:00am PDT. The trailer will be dubbed or subtitled in 13 languages. Following the exclusive online break, at 11:00am PDT (2:00pm EDT; 7:00pm London time), the trailer will be sent via satellite to media outlets worldwide.
The trailer for Casino Royale in the run up to that release didn't quite capture a Bond feeling for me and I had the same reaction by the end of the film. I wasn't as blown away with it as many of you were, so many little things that stopped it from feeling like a 007 film but I will gladly admit it was way better than anything that had come the decade before it. Kind of a strange release date October isn't it, not quite Summer but not really Christmas either? source - coming soon
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