Quentin Tarantino: Definitive Guide To Homages, Influences And References

Jackie Brown

3. The Acuna Boys

Whilst at Del Amo Mall, the character called Sheronda can be seen eating Tex-Mex food from the Acuna Boys. The fast food chain is named after a gang in one of Tarantino's favourite films, Rolling Thunder (1977). Though this is the first appearance of the Acuna Boys brand, it's also featured in Death Proof. The Acuna Boys is also the name of the gang that Esteban Vihaio runs in Kill Bill, Vol. 2.

2. Teriyaki Donut

In the Mall food-hall scene, Jackie chooses to eat from Teriyaki Donut, the same joint that Marsellus Wallace viists just before he is run over by Butch in Pulp Fiction.

1. This Is Some Repugnant Sh*t...

At the end of the movie, Ordell Robbie utters the line; "This is some repugnant sh*t." You can also hear him say the exact same thing in both Pulp Fiction and the 2000 remake of massively influential exploitation flick Shaft.


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