Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained First Images Online

First looks at Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz from Quentin Tarantino's epic new western.

The first images from Quentin Tarantino's epic new western "Django Unchained" have made their way online, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Our first image (above) features Leonardo DiCaprio in an unusual villain role, playing the despicable plantation owner Calvin Candie, who has enslaved the bride Broomhilda, wife of Jamie Foxx's lead title character. From my reading of the script he is a completely unhinged character, an eccentric wacko and I can't wait to see what kind of fun he surely must have had playing this evil bastard. Foxx says of DiCaprio's hammer-wielding, Doctor Strange lookalike villain:
"Candie is a business man who owns a plantation called Candie Land, and that's where my wife ends up being. We have to get in good with Candie, by me playing a valet for Christoph's character."
Oscar winning Foxx leads as the black slave Django who is freed and trained under the tutelage of Christoph Waltz€™s eccentric former dentist turned bounty hunter Dr King Schultz . Those guys feature in our second image below; In some ways this is a buddy western following two characters from completely different backgrounds as we follow Django's training into becoming an all out Clint Eastwood style gunslinger, hellbent on saving his bride. Also starring but not yet glimpsed at are Samuel L. Jackson as DiCaprio€™s right-hand man Stephen and Kurt Russell as the ruthless henchman to DiCaprio, Ace Woody. Django Unchained is currently shooting out in New Orleans ahead of a release on Christmas Day (US) and in January 2013 (UK).

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