Quentin Tarantino's Top 20 Films of 2010!

Quentin Tarantino can always be counted on to comment on the year in film. He has been making his top films of the year lists available for all to see for the past few years now. It's a great insight into the diverse tastes of a man who is similarly obsessed with film as much as we are at OWF. The guys over at The Quentin Tarantino Archives have gotten their mitts on his list for 2010. Here it is, with some eye-brow raising surprises;
1. Toy Story 3 2. The Social Network 3. Animal Kingdom 4. I Am Love 5. Tangled 6. True Grit 7. The Town 8. Greenberg 9. Cyrus 10. Enter The Void (€œHands down best credit scene of the year € Maybe best credit scene of the decade. One of the greatest in cinema history.€ €“ QT) 11. Kick Ass 12. Knight and Day 13. Get Him To The Greek 14. The Fighter 15. The Kings Speech 16. The Kids Are All Right 17. How To Train Your Dragon 18. Robin Hood 19. Amer 20. Jackass 3-D
So, a few off the wall choices in there. The list starts off fine and well with The Social Network and Toy Story 3, two movies that have dominated the top two spots on most people's lists but then you see a few oddballs with The Fighter lagging pace behind Knight & Day and Get Him To The Greek! There's also a few notable omissions. Seems like Quentin didn't dig Inception, or he didnt see it, I kinda doubt that though. Of course he isn't much of a CGI guy, maybe that's it? Thought True Grit might be higher... So what do you think of Quentin's choices? Have at it.
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