Quiz: Can You Match The Famous Voice To The Animated Character?

Only a real pro will be able to recognize these celebrity voices and match them to their characters!

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There once was a time when animated films didn't really seem to delve into the celebrity world to find the voices they need to make the characters come alive. There was a definite separation within the entertainment industry to allow for voice actors to have their own little niche in animated films on the big screen. Yet, things have certainly started to change in recent years.

Nowadays, it seems like every big name in Hollywood has had their shot at voicing an animated character and there have even been celebrities that have voiced more than one memorable character in a variety of animated films.

While there are some people that may find it easy to match these famous voices to their animated characters, there are others that can't possibly make it to the end of the quiz. Let's test our celebrity knowledge and see who can match these famous voices to prove their knowledge!

Answers at the end!

1. Who Voiced Woody From The Toy Story Film Series?

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