Quiz: Can You Name The Movie From Its Plot Twist?

How well do you remember these insane plot twists?

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It goes without saying that a plot twist can make or break a movie - get it right and you'll have audiences keen to rewatch it in a new light, but get it wrong and the film is reduced to a laughing stock forever more.

But the worst thing a plot twist can be is boring or forgettable, and so we ask - how well do you remember the movies these devilish twists were attached to?

These movies are all typically best remembered for their last-minute rug-pulls, whether for better or for worse, but how many of them can you match up to the correct movie?

And no, don't expect to see "Darth Vader is Luke's father" on this list, because that's just way too easy. But if you've got a voracious appetite for cinema and have a health dash of luck on your side, you might be able to nail that precious 100% score.

The answers, as always, are at the end, so good luck!...

1. Emily Faked Her Own Death

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