Quiz: Can You Name The Star Trek Character From ONE Image?

Do you remember these cult Trek characters?

Star Trek Beyond Jaylah

Across the various TV and movie iterations of Star Trek, fans have been introduced to literally hundreds (jf not thousands) of characters, from those unforgettable frontline heroes and villains to more niche supporting players.

So, just how well do you think you know the wider Star Trek roster? You'll need a firm grasp of the myriad alien species which populate this rich universe, and even then, nobody could really blame you for forgetting many of the names.

Spanning all existing iterations of Trek, these characters both human and alien are sure to have all but the most hardcore fans desperately wracking their brains as they search for the answers.

If you can get 100% on this quiz, don't merely give yourself a pat on the back: appreciate that you're a one-percenter as far as Trek fandom goes, because getting there won't be easy.

But no matter how well you did, the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck!

1. Who Is It?


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